The Final Stretch

This last Friday was our last Friday together as a class, its crazy how fast these two quarters have gone by. As we approach our last week, here are some reminders:

  • Tuesday 6/4 our first drafts are due for peer review, it should be turned in on the EVE180 google drive by midnight!
  • Tuesday we will also be turning in our lab notebooks, so don’t forget them!
  • Friday 6/7 is the lab cleanup at 12pm if you are able to make it
  • Finals papers are due 6/11 (WOW)

This class we each group spent their time with no talk and all action while trying to get the last bits of data together for their analysis.

Time Lapse Team

The last trials for the time lapse team were run outside with perpendicular lines and black mesh. These last tests are all the last bits needed to do the analyses, and while those were running many people on the team were working on the best ways to analyze their data of interest in R studio. With so many different trials, many were working together and consulting one another for help with data analysis and writing the final paper. There was also discussion of a potential time lapse trial that includes magnets in order to test if the theory about the flies being affected by magnetic fields. Unfortunately that would have to be done in the future, but the findings would definitely be interesting!

Flypaper Team

The fly paper team is truly dedicated and are collecting data til the very last second! The team continued on with routine IDing of what they have caught on their models as well as working on data analysis. In addition to that, they collected more models from the North Davis Channel, as well as set more “2D” flat models out at the experimental ecosystem.

As the quarter comes to a close, lets get these analyses done and write some awesome papers! Finish strong guys!

Also in case you missed it, the EVE180 stickers are here! They are $2.20 each if you want one, and shout out to Mia for designing them!

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