Time Flies

The end is coming… Are you prepared? Here is our end-of-the-year survival pack:

  • keys to our lab (turn in tbd)
  • little yellow notebook/quarter notes (turn in tbd)
  • rough draft of paper
  • final draft of paper
  • r-studio modules completed
  • Potluck (either Fri the 31st or Sat the 1st; 6-9:30)

Friday’s Agenda

  1. Check in with your groups and set your individual group’s ambitions for Friday
  2. Quick check -in with groups about their ambitions at beginning of class
  3. Break off and work on our projects
  4. We will reconvene 20 minutes early.
    • Check in with groups
    • Announcements, comments, questions, concerns


Tuesday was another typical run-of-the-mill workday.

Team Flypaper: We collected our “2-D caterpillars” from the field and set out another cohort of 3-D ones. The results look promising- we seemed to have caught at least one tachinid. After collecting and setting out more field trials, most of the energy in the classroom was diverted to making another set of flat caterpillars and ID-ing. Keep an eye out for our data!

caterpillars.JPGscissors.JPGcardboard catterpillars.JPG

Team Choice: Data crunching time. Today was mostly reviewing and scoring the pages of notes and data. Review of grey plates in progress.


Team Timelapse: The gears are whizzing! Parallel line trials are to be run outside with perpendicular line trials are running inside. Also, good news, black mesh has arrived so this may get incorporated into the set ups. Otherwise it is mostly data entry and analysis! Go team.





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