First Meeting After Spring Break!

Hope everyone enjoys their spring breaks! Today is our first class after the spring break. Woo!!! We are back for EVE 180B. Few things happened during the break – I will list them below:

We made more diets for caterpillars

Louie, Sarah, Vincent, Vivienne, Riley and me made more cups of spod diets during the break, so we could place the remaining spods into the new cups with freshly made diets in it. This time, instead of getting the spods out of the cloth. We cut the big piece of cloth into hundreds of small pieces and placed each of them into the new cups.

Louie, Kelsey, Vincent, Nick, and Riley identified the rest of the possible tachinids. They tried the CO2 method!!! It seemed that around 10 to 30 minutes were required to get the flies sedated by exposing them to the CO2 gas. Sadly, none of the possible tachinids are actual tachinids. They also made some more spod diets and stored them in the refrigerator. More importantly, they made the spod pocket! See the picture of design below.

Design of spod pocket

A bunch of these pockets with spods inside were placed in the wild, such as student farm. However, most of the spods were just disappeared because of predation? Escaping? The remaining spods were collected (Hope them were parasitized).

The new to-do list

  1. Recaps:
    1. Spod pockets –> make more? –> Yes!!! Friday
    2. Fly trips –> sign up for the checking fly trips!
    3. Milkweed –> growing fine (half of them are about 6 inches tall, and the rest are about 3 inches tall).
    4. Spod colony –> we redistributed the spods based on their sizes(small, median, and large). Both small and median spods go to 30℃ growth chamber and the large spods go the 20℃ growth chamber.
  2. Order bug dorms? –> Buy ten more bug dorms
  3. Schedule Bohart visit to ID flies –> Thursday (Jess, Mia, Annaliese and Elizabeth)
  4. How to spend rest of budget? –> Forceps, bugdorms, papertowels, bleach, and duct tape(Better to have it this Friday).
  5. Send Stireman e-mails –> Probably done by this evening.
  6. Don’t Forget to fill out potluck sheet!!! –> This Sunday (April 7) evening at 3246 Oyster Bay Avenue

Plan for Friday

It looks like it is rainy this Friday, so we might stay in the lab room for four hours. Yeah!!! I think we will make a bunch of spod pockets this Friday, and we should check the median and large spods growing in the 30℃ growth chamber. We also can make some more diets to replace some diets for the caterpillars just to making sure they won’t be starving. If the weather is good on Friday, we can get outside to check fly traps and catch some potential tachinids. By the way, don’t forget to the weekly Learning R.

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