Elevat(or)ing Our Ideas

Slowly but surely, we make progress towards deciding what our class project will be…

EVE 180 at work

Tuesday, we were randomly assigned to four separate groups, each of which contended with one of our four short-listed topics. Today, with the guidance of MC Mia, we split up and set to work fine-tuning our questions, hypotheses, and preliminary methods in the hopes of making some good progress. Thankfully, we were not snackless in these hours of concentration – shoutout to Zhizhou for bringing in some rice crackers and keeping our blood sugar levels up!

In our groups, we chatted about the rationale, strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats (RSWOT) of our projects and tried to come up with a concise elevator pitch for them. After a good 1.5 hours of discussion, we got ready to present! Sadly, the Storer elevator had too short (and too size-limited) of a ride, so we couldn’t do our pitches in the ACTUAL elevator. Instead, we presented them in the classroom, accompanied by a lovely drawing by Elizabeth.

Noise Pollution Squad feat. Elizabeth’s drawing

With two minutes to present, all the groups managed to give a cohesive and interesting pitch on their project, followed by a reality check, which proved that the devil truly is in the details. From mosquito musicals to monarch madness to the spilling of the microbial tea, we all found the projects to be appealing, especially now that they had more realized shapes. Nice job to everyone on such humorous and informative pitches!

When we reconvene next week, we’ll be only a handful of days away from making a decision on what our final project will be! That being said, the plan for next Tuesday is to discuss the methods of each project in more detail; we’ll do this to get a better idea of what each experiment would entail, which may or may not impact our decisions. Try to do an overview of the ideas and literature for each project and plan to speak about each for 30 min together (thanks for the suggestion, Emily!).

After class on Tuesday, Louie will send out an anonymous google forms poll where we will rank each project on a scale from 1-4. When the poll closes on Friday, we’ll average the rankings and see if we have at last made a decision!

See you folks Tuesday, and have a great weekend!

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