Started From the Bottom Now We’re Here

Hi Everyone! It’s Rachel here, back with my last blog for the year! This blog was supposed to be out Thursday (but obviously I had to write the report so I wasn’t able to upload it on time).

Anyways, I’ll start with a recap of Thursday’s class and then I’ll go into all the sentimental stuff that I gotta say.

During the last day of class, after scrambling to finish our Rmarkdown script and have presentable graphs ready, we began to present to the rest of the EVE 180 class what our overarching questions were.

It was really interesting to see that although we all used the same data, we all came up with different ideas on how to interpret the data.

Some people looked at how the presence of artificial light affected herbivory or how it changed invertebrate community composition. Others looked at the body size distribution and another at biomass. So many different graphs representing so many different things, it was amazing! It was also really interesting to see how much you can dissect the data and look at it through different lenses. Nevertheless, I can see that all the ideas were very thought out and very creative! I was amazed at how much work everyone put in to generating these big picture questions.

The discussion at the end of each presentation was really helpful because it gave us new perspectives on our projects, both in the analysis and the biology. Overall, I think it was a good wrap up for the class to be able to hear what everyone was personally interested in terms of the project!

Now on to my little letter to all of you:

Dear Louie, Marshall, Amy, Asia, Ashley, Brian, Cameron, Darian, Deniss, Emily, Keatyn, Kyle, John, Miles, and Robert:

I just wanted to start by saying thank you to each and every one of you for being a member of this class. I walked into this class expecting to get fieldwork experience and in the end I got more than just that. I met you genuinely good and hardworking people, each with your own character that makes each so unique. I can’t imagine how the two quarters would go by if it was another group of people to do it alongside with me. We began this class being ambitious and I’m glad that this ambition didn’t change as the project went along. I’m so glad we were all able to share our ideas and creations with one another. I realize how incredibly talented you all are and I learned so much from being in this class. I’ll truly miss our car rides to the field sites (with Bruno Mars’ song, “That’s What I Like” playing for literally the 243904832905 time), the struggle opening the confusing gates, our encounter with the massive potato bugs, getting tanglefoot all over our hands, tying those stickies while sweat blurs our vision, sorting through our endless pitfall samples (and remember that one time when we had literally a billion flies per sheet at riparian?), going through all the data sheets to solve the missing data mystery, and so many other memories that would take this whole page to list, but you get the point. I want you to all know how proud I am of our class and how much we’ve grown. Thank you being the reason why EVE 180 is one of my favorite classes. Good luck on your future endeavors and I hope our paths will cross in the future.



PS- I found my first tick today which so happens to be the last day out in the fields. Not something I should be proud of, but thought I’d share!


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