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One week before our papers are due we kicked off the start of June with some more analysis!
While we had originally discussed peer reviewing rough drafts of our paper, the day mostly consisted of individuals continuing working independently or helping one another in small groups. Many were still having issues with R, but luckily classmates, Marshall, and Louie were available to help everyone with their struggles.

The night spider assay data was cleaned and prepared for analysis during this time. Some analyses and tips were shared throughout the class, but there was no large group discussion or brainstorming. Perhaps this is something we could do on Tuesday.

Some of the interesting things that appeared were: Miles and John ran ANOVA on the night spider data and found a significant effect of treatment on web spider abundance (see below figure); Asia claimed predators had little effect when summarized across ptifalls and stickies, while Keatyn claimed they did when looked at as a proportion of predators, rather than an absolute number; Brian found an interesting way to plot one-way ANOVA with the package ‘granova’; many people started digging into plotting data to visualize changes over time (see figure below); Robert found that we had no pitfall data for the last week of the last cohort (but then realized the data had to be reindexed to accommodate alignment of cohort and week).


ANOVA of Treatment vs. Web Spider Abundance in the Night Assay


Leaf Damage Number by Block, Treatment, Date, and Species. Notice the magnitude of herbivory is different for each species in different blocks and cohorts!

With much analysis underway people seemed to be gravitating toward focusing on specific aspects of the project. It will be interesting to see all that we have analysed come Thursday!

For Tuesday June 6, I believe the majority of time should still consist of independent work (scripting and paper-writing), but we should devote some time at the start of class to alleviate any anxieties about R or the paper by answering questions and concerns and discuss expectations for Thursday.

Schedule for Tuesday:

1:40-2:00 (perhaps longer) — Group discussion, questions and concerns, reflections on the past two quarters, putting things in perspective

2:00-4:15 — Working on analysis and paper writing, cleaning up scripts in a presentable and readable manner (commenting scripts), and individual help.

4:15-4:30 — Touch base again with everyone, gauge anxiety for Thrusday, resolve any other concerns and questions. Discuss plans for Thursday.

Remember! We are cleaning up on Friday:

8am-12pm Field Site Cleanup

12pm-4pm Lab and Greenhouse Cleanup

If everyone can commit 3-4 hours, then cleaning everything shouldn’t be an issue!

We’ll have pretty good weather for it: high 76 F with partial cloud cover.

6pm-9pm Potluck!


We’re at the home stretch! Let’s do this!



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