Pitfall Party Part 2

18 May 2017

Today we continued our work of identifying and recording pitfall insects. We split up the work into a few different portions. Some people worked to sort the insects in the raw samples by type, others identified the sorted samples, and the rest of us worked to enter in plant, sticky trap, and pitfall data onto the google drive.


IMG_7999Some of the samples were a little packed

IMG_7997The completed samples quickly built up

We were able to make quick work of the remaining samples and got through them all before the end of the class period. At the end of the class we discussed when the night group would meet up to do a spiderweb assay at the blocks and take drone pictures. After taking data on the web-building spiders, they disconnected the batteries and took them back to the lab.

We also discussed what we are going to do on Tuesday. Bring your laptops, we’re going to be given an introduction to rmarkdown and start work on cleaning the data. To prepare, it would help to read the descriptions and overview of rmarkdown that Louie sent out (rmarkdown.rstudio.com) and to look at the sample rmarkdown scripts on the google drive. We should leave a little time at the end of class for a class discussion.

We’re almost there, guys! Just some data analysis stands between us and writing our papers!

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