Plant Data and Pitfalls

Today our class split in to two groups: one to collect plant data for the final time and the other to work on our pitfall backlog. Miles, Keatyn, Robert, and I went out into the field to do plants with Keatyn measuring peas, Miles measuring tomatoes, and Robert measuring brassica as I took down data as it was yelled out.





Meanwhile, in the lab…IMG_20170516_154826793_HDR

there were pitfall assembly lines occurring. One person would sort, the next would identify the order, and the final would put the data in to the computer to avoid causing a data backlog. These extraordinary folks finished up quite a bit of the pitfall backlog so now it is at hopefully manageable levels.


We spent the last half hour of class discussing what we should qualify as predators and what will happen in the next few weeks. We decided that earwigs would qualify as predators, but ants and wasps would not. Then we discussed next steps. The biggest things on our list are getting all our data on to the computer including pitfalls, learning R, getting our papers done, and cleaning up. This is what we decided:

  • Thursday we will enter data and finish pitfalls
    • That evening we will go out and do web spider data again
  • Next week we will become more well versed in R
  • The following weeks will be dedicated to doing our papers and analyzing data
  • We would like to clean up during finals week


  • 1:40 (or whenever you can come prior)- 4:10: Pitfalls and data entry
  • 4:10-4:30: Discuss what we need to learn in R and what we need for that night
  • 9pm: Meet in field for data collection

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