May the odds be ever in your favor



Today was an incredibly important day. All 14 of us presented our project proposal in the form of a powerpoint. We went in the order of alphabetical names of the powerpoints uploaded. Each student had roughly 5 minutes to present and 5 minutes to discuss questions from the class.

Keatyn was the fabulous MC today and she made sure we were on track for timing by setting a 10 minute alarm on each presentation.

The range of topics from the whole class was incredible. It ranged from comparing soil nutrients to mosquito response to noise pollution. Everyone did an awesome job in preparing for their talks. It was evident that everyone did their research beforehand to propose quality questions and methods.

Thank you to everyone who proposed a question! I’m really excited to see what 3 questions will be ranked the highest. And I’m even more excited to see what our 1 class question will be!

*Please vote on google doc by midnight tonight!

And like Kyle said, it is crucial to spend time while voting on these questions. All the presentations are in the class google drive, so if you need to refer back to them, please do!

These questions are still being developed and may change slightly in the future.

Check back on the google vote doc tomorrow to see which 3 questions were ranked the highest and maybe think about which group you would like to join on Thursday.


Thursday (2/9/17) Agenda

1:40-2:00: Break into 3 groups based on the research questions

2:00-4:00: Research, discuss, possibly go out into the field with your group

4:00-4:30: At 4pm, meet back in the lab to discuss a possible field site day on Tuesday and make the next agenda.


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