The Last Day!

Wednesday was the very last day of regular class (excluding our “final”, which we will spend cleaning up class).

Kara gave us a number of general comments regarding our final papers, which will be due on Monday at 12pm (noon):

  • Develop and stick to a persuasive story that continues from introduction to discussion. Why should the reader be curious about the hypothesis? How did our study inform a greater question?
  • Bring out your hypotheses and make them very clear and impossible to miss
  • Be specific about fungal media treatments, and use “replicates” rather than “pots” or “mushrooms”
  • Be specific about locations
  • Use right level of detail, specific when necessary, but leave out unnecessary detail
  • Gall cover methods are really a belt transect. Also, clarify that these are fallen galls, which readers may not realize.
  • May need to detail Tukey’s test one more time (?)
  • Use p
  • We have stressed the importance of including direction, but words like “increase” suggest mechanism. Often we are talking about positive correlations (for regression) and significant effects (for ANOVA) with differences among treatment levels in post-hoc comparisons.
  • Stay away  from proposing mechanisms in the results. The place to do this is the discussion, but still in a careful way that is clear about what we know vs what may be one interpretation of our findings. Backing up discussions of mechanism with other literature is essential.
  • We is appropriate, stick with it
  • Read out loud to yourself and have someone else read your final draft and do a final revision

Also, update your contact information on the online document so we can contact you in the future!

After discussing papers, we went out in the field to finish our second plant survey. It went quickly, and after observing the bee boxes, we met for a discussion about the class and the future of EVE180.


It’s been a pleasure working with everyone to achieve what we’ve achieved! Good luck on your final papers! Our “final” is 10:30am on Tuesday, so I hope to see you all there.

–Avery “Alec” Kruger


p.s. don’t mention the fire


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