One of the Last Field Days! 1 June 2015

Hey guys! Time sure does pass by fast! There is only one more day of class after this!

Today, our drafts of our papers were due! Look forward from feedback from Kara or Ash on Wednesday or Thursday.

IMAG1310 (1)

After all that writing, we are changing it up by going back into the field! We also had a guest with us to film us doing research so that we can be Storer Famous. Yay! We went to qualitatively record the plant diversity under our trees and take vegetative productivity samples. When sampling the vegetative biomass, we randomly selected one of the quadrants and took all vegetation within quadrat, along with any vegetative biomass (oak leaf litter).  The productivity samples were placed into large TJ bags that were labeled for further testing later. We also learned how to identify more plants, with lots of help from Kara.

IMAG1311 (1)

For our last class, we are going back into the field again to finish the plant diversity sampling. Hope everyone dresses properly!

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