Data! Results! Writing! 5/18/2015

It’s crunch time for data analyzing and paper writing!

  • A working draft of methods and results are due Wednesday, May 20th. It should be almost entirely written, and analyses should be either complete or you should write about the tests you plan to do (and get help to actually do them).
  • The real deal methods draft is due Friday, May 22nd at 9am.
  • Peer reviews are due Saturday, May 23rd. We will be using a journal peer review format. Stay tuned for more details.

Today (Tuesday, May 19th): Kara and Ash are having office hours for most of the day, so come bother them with stats questions!

In class:

  • Emergence traps were made put on compost bags that had already had samples floated.
  • Flying insects were pooted from compost bags.
  • Growth chamber is now sparkling clean and you are no longer greeted by showers of dead flies as you walk in (thanks Sean!)
  • Alec compiled all the data together (so check out Dropbox if you haven’t already)
  • This project will continue through the summer and fall for people that are still around Davis. The insects will probably take 5-6 weeks to emerge, and we will leave them around our classroom. EVE 180C?

We got this!

Good work everyone!


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