All About those Insects

Floating Day

Update on the Pleurotus: The last of the Pleurotus was toss out to the dumpster today but before it was taken out all the emergence traps were removed to be reused.


Stats Presentation by Kara

Today Kara gave a short presentation on what kind of mindset would help us work with our data. 1st step is to think of a question. Then get R started up and link it to your directory. Best way to get started on your stats is to visualize the data in graphs. It might help you revise your question if need and possibly make the best use of your data. Kara gave us a few tips on how to deal with data non-normal data. One way is to revist the question, another is to transform the response but Kara pointed that this method is not always effective in certain cases. The last one is to apply a non-parametric method.

We also went over a quick crash course of stat terms.

P value- an alpha value of 0.05, a p-value of 0.05 means there is a 5% chance that the results happened at random and can reject the null hypothesis.

r^2- the variation that happens during the regression line

We also quickly went over our found results from our R project homework and what they mean to us. This can be found on a google doc called EVE 180 Results Discussion May 5 2015 sent to us via email.

 After our quick stats course we reviewed the methods for insect floating that Ash created for us (Thank you Ash C:) and went to work.


We added 1000ml of water, 80ml of suger, and 500ml of our sample into a container and we scaned under a microscope to look for nematodes and insects. After, we scanned our samples for insect with just our eyes.

We should try our best and go through 20 samples if working with a partner or 10 samples if working alone by Wednesday. All for the in preparation for insect identification session. Best to work out times to meet with our partners for the next two days.


Agenda for Wednesday

  • Meet in 122 Briggs for Insect ID

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