Getting Ready for Spring


Want to take a break from studying for finals? Then join Micheal in identifying insects Wednesday 2-5pm. Contact him for more information!!

Hello everyone today 3/16/2015 we got a lot done. We added the polyester filling to the Agaricus to allow a air follow but limiting any contamination.


Scientist have fun too!


The mushrooms collected yesterday from the mushroom diversity survey were recorded for data and placed into insect emergence traps. Then the emergence traps were placed into the growth chamber while the Oysters mushrooms are not using it.


Setting the lighting and temperature for growth chamber


Kara suggested us to assign a leader to each team to help lead decisions, a data ranger to get those important data recorded in a timely matter, and maybe an assign person to keep contact with the other groups. To help the rest keep informed and request help when needed. I think we should assign these roles the sooner the better.

The platting groups are rearing up for action now that they have their lab training under their belts. Soon after spring break ends they plan to mobilize and start platting. If you want to join in the action make sure to contact them as soon as possible for lab training requirements/procedures.


  • Please turn in your notebook in the blue bin placed in the lab by Wednesday
    • All turned in notebooks will be ready to be return on Friday
  • Spring break reading and quick discussion
    • Five primary literature are to be read and placed in the google group with a short summary
    • Two to three readings are to be read with another person and share opinions
    • Only two papers that are already in the google group can be used

Things to look forward to

  • On Wednesday, April 1 we are going to to hold our potluck by Putah Creek
    • Bring your own dishes
    • If foods require fire be sure to bring Charcoal
    • Anyone up to bring the music? Kara is willing to bring a speaker contact her for more information and planning!!!
  • Bring your stats on for the plant diversity data
  • Learning how to id insects
  • putting mushrooms out in the field

Digging the new hairdo Cx

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