3/11/15 Headhouse Work Day

Oyster Mushroom Palooza 

Wednesday 3/11/15

We had class out at the greenhouses today. Preparing Pleurotis!

The tasks needed really included hashing out an organized method, finding the woodchips to wet, measuring out woodchips for prep, handling innoculate, crushing some major gall, and ideally baggin’ some oyster mushies.

The class split up into different crews: gall crushers, woodchips, measurements, and methods


Gall crushing methods perfected, thanks to Michael and team! Brendan’s Truck included!

It was also decided to go forward and use the galls collected from the roadside as part of gall mixture- evenly incorporated into total gall volume–

Our lovely (fluffy) mascot for the day– some puppy love was good motivation!

It was decided that contamination need be reduced this time around, so we have to be mindful of gall contact!


Woodchip Assembly Line In Action!

By the end of the day we had methods for measuring materials clearly laid out and sent out by Kate, Page 36 – EVE 180 notebook (1), woodchips were set out and spawn was being measured out into 180 labelled bags. Work days were laid out for the following few days as follows:

Thursday Morning (9 am) Kiely and Sonja 

Thursday Afternoon (12:30 pm) Phillip and Brendan

Thursday Night (6) Jas? (TBA)

Friday Noon: Sonja, Brendan, Viri, Phillip, Jason,

others not listed, please jump in if you find time in the crazy week!



Spawn Weighing (and bag labeling)

Creating Master Mixes of 10% and 40% gall


Please send out a group email to announce when a task HAS BEEN COMPLETED! We can keep track of our progress and get an idea of what the next group needs to start on. Teamwork is really rolling right now!

Please refer to the email for gate codes and methods as well

very Productive day! great job!


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