Planning Ahead: A Calendar is a Best Friend Too

Hi everyone! Today Monday March 9, a bright sunny day and the lone ranger Sonja went out to pick galls before class. Thank you for all your hard work Sonja, you’re great!!!

Today Kara introduced us to great ways to get ourselves organized. Some things we listed as important to always include in any data entry is the date, recorder name, location (Specific yet concise), notes section and always included your units for any data measurements. Kara showed us how headers can help us keep our data categorized and don’t be afraid of descriptive titles. It was also shown how useful just writing down how long a task takes to later use as reference to make rough estimates on how many people it might take do the same/similar task and maximize efficiency. The importance of zero in data, don’t over look the number or forget to write it down when you find nothing when collecting data. Kate suggested to log each datasheet with an activity log so we can always refer back to it and get a refresher of what kind of data we exactly collected. Keeps forgetful people like myself with the flow.

Next up on today’s agenda we separated into groups to talk over tasks and build a time budget. On the Fungi and Plant diversity group, also known as the fieldworkers, we have Alec, Avery and Sean. These guys have big plans for us starting Friday with the Plant diversity presurvey and the actual survey taking place on Sunday. Since almost everyone is getting together on Sunday maybe we should do rain dance to do the Mushroom diversity survey next. Alec has taken upon himself to get the datasheets, clipboards and quadrants set for the big event.WP_20150309_15_39_34_Pro[1]

The following group is the Mushroom rearing group with group members Sonja and Brendan. Just as Sonja said “It’s Agaricus mushroom rearing round 2!” First on the list for this is gathering galls. Many, many galls to crush and add to the pots. Volunteers have already planned a a trip tomorrow to go out to the Oak Savannah to collect our needed galls. Kiely and Sonja at heading out at 8am, while Brendan and Kate are planning to go out at noon. Then on the same day once the galls have been collected Jason and Bonnie will have a gall crushing time (Sorry I had to). On Friday next week, 3/20 the group has set up the day to add the casing layer to the mushrooms. The following week is setting up growth chamber week.


The next group was the Insect Rearing group, with group members Jas, Kiely, Viri and Micheal. Micheal has setup a really neat insect rearing trap prototype model. After Spring Break the official insect rearing trap production line will start. Then on the 29th of April  it is time to identify our small friends. Plans and arrangement for microscopes have started to flow. The group is also planing a mini lecture of how to identify insects on April 8. Hope everyone is looking forward to that date.


The last but equally important group is the Platting group. With group members Jason, Phillip, Kendra and Bonnie. Great opportunities lie with this group. This week they are trying to setup in person crash course of lab safety so for those that want to join make sure to take the online course part and notify the group you wish to join WP_20150309_15_39_29_Pro[1] .

Important stuffs 

  • Make sure everyone edits their outlines and includes a title by Wednesday 9am!!!
  • Also, please make sure you check the google calendar often and if you want to join an event just write down your hours on it by clicking the event then edit and just type it in the description. Make sure you click on that save button on the top of the page once you are done.

 Weather for Wednesday

According to, it will be 62 degrees high and 49 degrees low, with a 60% of rain

Agenda for 3/11

  • Cross your finger to start Oyster rearing!
  • More group time (Maybe?)
  • Crush Galls (if still needed)
  • make datasheets
  • maybe start shopping for supplies

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