“We Have Bigger Galls”-CT

Today we shared the last class time period together :(. Unfortunately the whole gang wasn’t here (Will and Ivana)  but we still missed you guys! We basically went over almost everyone’s introductions and discussions which was very informative! Although we got a bit distracted in the beginning of the class period with the visit of Robyn’s friend visited, we were still able to stay on task! Here are a few snap shots I was able to get today:



IMG_20130606_090432 IMG_20130606_090547 IMG_20130606_090552 IMG_20130606_090558

Nuray trying not to have a panic attack



IMG_20130606_090635 IMG_20130606_090707 IMG_20130606_090713 IMG_20130606_090724


Wembo the boa whisperer


IMG_20130606_090742 IMG_20130606_100729


The last message from Will

IMG_20130606_100956 IMG_20130606_101023

And the last time Nuray will bring donuts to us :(.


In the end everyone decided to set personal goals about when to turn in the paper, which would be very beneficial for Louie since he has to turn in grades 72 hours later! We also decided to schedule a Sunday Brunch potluck! So stay strong everyone and hopefully we will able to meet up again on Thursday in our lovely classroom 1343.


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