Just sorting more bugs… 5/14/2013

Well, on Tuesday we spent some time at the beginning of class talking about sorting our morphotypes.  Do we want to keep adding new morphotypes to the ever-growing columns of the master Google Doc?  Or, another idea was proposed that we sort our list of microhyms into functional groups such as the ones that form galls, the parasitoids, etc.  Ultimately we decided to keep sorting as we have been to keep that extra data, but if it is difficult to sort the microhyms with very similar features then not to worry too much about which specific morphotype we place them into.  In short, if you can’t tell the difference, just give it your best shot 🙂

Other than that, we spent the rest of the time sorting all of dem insects.  Weeeeeee!!!  30 samples done!









Next time:

Sort more bugs!





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