A Pleasant Surprise (5/9/2013)

The class divided up the work and started analyzing shortly after class begin, we thought it would go smooth like last time.


But things just got serious!


“Ivana !@#$%^* is this?”

“What you mean this is a new morphotype?”

While the whole class was still trying to figure out the their first sample, we heard some unusual noise in the hall, people thought it might be some alien invasion so everyone got excited.

3Oh wait, just a normal aardwolf in Storer Hall.

4And a baby seal.

5Or is it a white lion? Hmm, can’t tell exactly.

Most of the time these two things were trying to ingratiate themselves to Carolyn until I offered one of them a tiny piece of pringles, I wonder if Carolyn has been starving them so they don’t run away.

For the later half of the class even though everyone was pretending to do more work, they kept staring at these two visitors and trying to grab them.

IMG_0403(Stop touching me mortals!)

And that was it…

Even though for whatever reason today was not as productive as planned, people are getting more familiar with all the new morphotypes. Lots of challenges remain in the way so… hmm… we can either find some drugs that enhance our brain memorization ability or we can work longer after class, and we gonna squeeze every tiny bit of time out of Ivana and Kyle.


Agenda for Tuesday:

1. Discuss methods in bug identification;

2. Identify more bugs;

3. Discuss what we have done and what remains to be the biggest challenge.

(P.S. Carolyn if any time in the future you feel like you have had enough of them two things, or simply want to take a break, I will be happy to help. For almost free.)


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