Finishing up gall dissections! (4/18/2013)

After figuring out the logistics of gall dissections on Tuesday, we jumped right into dissections today! We finished dissecting all the gall samples today! Go team! I believe we are all caught up on data entry as well!

From galls, Will led us into a statistical workshop in R. He emailed out part one of the code for the workshop, which we all completed prior to class. He briefly went over that code and we began working on part two as a class.

Briefly after class there was talk about the third sampling period. It was suggested that it might be best to postpone it until next Tuesday (April 30th), and spend both class periods of that week in the field to finish the sampling.

For next Tuesday, don’t forget that notebooks are due! Also, as Will said in the email he sent out, try to get as far as you can in the second part of the R workshop code. Each of us needs to select a function from vegan to read about. Additionally we need to code an example of the function in action that we will present to the class.

Agenda for Tuesday April 23rd

9:00-10:20: Discussion of sampling period 3, including leaf damage estimate protocol

10:20-10:50: start thinking about writing the methods section

10:50-11:50: R workshop

Of course the schedule for Tuesday is flexible, if we think we’ll need more time doing one thing or another, we’ll change it up!




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