Second Sampling Round: Wrappin it Up at Record Speeds (4/12/2013-4/14/2013)


Friday’s team (4/12/2013) set up all of our sticky traps and finished sweeping and beating the east block! I really can’t add much more to that cause I wasn’t actually there that day. If y’all wish to share your many exploits from that day please do so in the comments.


Sunday (4/14/2013) was totally awesome! There was sun, a cool breeze, beer, sandwiches, and bugs to be had!!! …aaand not to mention the occasional surprise vertebrate!

(disclaimer: please mix beer and science responsibly. we sure did. why shouldn’t you?)

Jenn, Nuray, Melissa, Esther, and myself headed out bright and early to beat the heat. As y’all well know, 5 is the optimal number for a Sweep/Beat team, So we tackled that first and collected stickies on the way!

ImageBug pooting sesh!

ImageSticky Appreciation sesh…

ImageLook at all these bugs we got!

Image We didn’t just get bugs though. We also managed to catch, not one, but two Western Fence Lizards (Sceloperus occidentalis)!!! Poor fellas! Luckily, we got em off safely!

ImageJenn, flippin us the lizard…

ImagePipevine Swallowtail!

ImagePipevine Swallowtail!!! That’s a totally unreal wing-pattern! pretty cool!!!

We moved at record speeds through the last forty trees! We finished up before noon and sat down for a well deserved picnic with beer (and, yes, water of course, since we were in the field).

And then it was time to get really sticky! We proceeded to collect the remaining sticky traps in the west and east blocks. The west block was really smooth sailing! We killed it in less than a half-hour. The East block was pretty quick too, though we did have trouble finding some of our experimental trees! Despite the wild-goose chase that is the east block, we finished up by 2:20 in the afternoon!

That’s forty samples plus all the stickies in 6 hours! Good job team!!!

So field work is totally done for now! Looks like we should focus on IDing! We’ve got 10 samples left to ID from the first sampling period and all the sticky traps and galls to dissect! We should also work out an updated agenda so we know what else to get done! One more Sampling period to go! Woah!!!

One response to “Second Sampling Round: Wrappin it Up at Record Speeds (4/12/2013-4/14/2013)

  1. Oops, No blog about our work on Friday. Not much besides what Kyle said, but that was a really hot and dry day!

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