Bug days part IV: Swallowtails, Kermit, and polls…oh my! (3/21/2013)


Will, Ivana, Kyle, and I (Robyn) finished beating and sweeping today, with not a vial to spare! No really, we ran out of vials on our last tree. That being said, we didn’t end up sampling the 18 more zero gall trees. Louie and Kermit were out in another part of the field working on milkweed transects. We reconvened with them to discuss the possibility of gall additions…and to get in some play/cuddle time with Kermit.

Kyle stalk Kermit, bug net in hand.

Kyle stalks Kermit, bug net in hand.

Louie was trying to wrap his head around how adding galls to gall-less trees is different than our current treatments (removing galls from trees). Either way, we have a set of galled trees and gall-less trees. Kyle pointed out that there may be a reason certain trees have zero galls. Will suggested that doing a gall addition experiment would be “more for the ecologists than the ecology.” In other words, if we get results both ways (removing galls and adding galls) it just strengthens our results. We then discussed the time component to adding on this extra treatment. Not only would it mean extra field work soon (sweeping and beating those 18 trees before Monday, adding galls sometime next week) but also extra work later on (more trees to sample and more insects to ID, and more analyses to do after we’ve collected all our data). All in all, it could be interesing..but is it worth/do we have the time? Could everyone could mull this over and fill out the poll below?

Pipevine swallowtail!

Pipevine swallowtail!

Ivana made a friend!

Ivana made a friend!

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