Sticky trap placement! (3/15/13)

As we discussed on Thursday, Ivana and Jenn went out to the field site to place sticky traps on all the experimental trees under seven meters but with more than 10 galls. Instead of the 98 trees Louie ended up with in class, we used the 103 that Will selected when he ran the R code. We also decided to use 12 experimental trees without galls and compare their insect communities to our trees that have galls removed from them.

Once we got out into the field we placed sticky traps on the trees in the east side of the site and then in the west side. It went surprisingly quickly, and we managed to place 115 sticky traps in about 2.5 hours! All sticky traps were placed on the north side of the trees, near the second branch from the bottom to maintain some consistency. Blue flagging was also added to the official experimental trees.

Of course we couldn’t have finished the site so quickly without the help of an extra set of hands, thanks Corwin!

It was a bit warm out at the field site today. Make sure you bring water when you go out this weekend!

Photo courtesy of Ivana. 

2 responses to “Sticky trap placement! (3/15/13)

  1. Awesome job! Actually, I did take one photo of the oaks beginning to leaf out O:

    Also, we did have the weird little inconsistencies between map and list. I’m wondering if it’s because the random generator gave us different trees?

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